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  • Pecans

    Bulk Pecan Meal (10 lbs)


    Bulk Pecan Meal 10 lbs10 lb case of Bulk Pecan MealOur are a great substitute in baked recipes! Use them in place of graham cracker crumbs, add them to your favorite cookie or cake recipe. The...

  • Pecans

    Choice Medium Pecan Pieces (30 lbs)


    Choice Medium Pecan Pieces 30lb Choice Medium Pecan Pieces are the 2nd best grade of pieces available. These pecans are usually slightly off in color but not in taste. Use these pieces in baked goods...

  • Pecans

    Fancy Medium Pecan Pieces (10 lbs)


    Fancy Medium Packaged Pecan Pieces10 lbsOur Fancy Medium Pecan Pieces are great for baking! Use them in any baked goods recipe or top your ice cream. Specifications:Brand: PecansWeight: 10.6...

  • Pecans

    Fancy Small Bulk Pecan Pieces (30 lbs)


    Fancy Small Bulk Pecan Pieces (30 lbs)30 lb case of Small Pecan PiecesOur Fancy Small Pecan Pieces are ideal for baking! Add them to cakes, cookies, pancakes, or granola. These bulk...

  • Pecans

    Jr. Mammoth Bulk Pecan Halves


    Jr. Mammoth Bulk Pecan Halves10 lb case of Jr. Mammoth Pecan HalvesOur Choice Jr. Mammoth Pecan Halves are healthy snack! Mix them with other nuts or candies for the perfect party refreshment...

  • Pecans

    Medium Fancy Pecan Pieces (10 lbs)


    Medium Fancy Pecan Pieces (10 lbs)Our Choice Medium Pecan Pieces are a great addition to your favorite dishes! Top your ice cream, yogurt, or cereal with these tasty pecan pieces. These bulk...