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    Dark Chocolate Raisins 12/12oz bags


    Dark Chocolate Covered Packaged Raisins12 Bags @ 12oz eachOur Dark Chocolate Covered Packaged Raisins are the perfect snack for any occasion! Sweet chewy raisins coated in a rich dark...

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    Dehydrated Marshmallow Pieces (3 lbs)


    Dehydrated Marshmallow Pieces (2 lbs)12 / 4oz Boxes per caseOur Dehydrated Marshmallow Pieces would make a great addition to a boring bowl of cereal, cup of hot chocolate or atop a scoop of...

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    Giant Gum Drops Candy (12 lbs)


    Assorted Gum Drops Prepackaged Candy (10 lbs)12 / 16oz Bags per caseThese sugar-sanded gumdrops are a classic favorite in classic flavors: cherry, orange, anise, lime, lemon and...

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    Gummy Bears Bulk Candy (9 lbs)


    Gummy Bears Bulk Candy (9 lbs)12 containers @ 12 oz each of Gummy BearsThese colorful bears feature 12 fruity flavors. Eat them individually or pair them up for fun flavor combinations like...

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    Gummy Red Ripe Raspberries (9 lbs)


    Gummy Red Raspberries Prepackaged Candy (9 lbs)12 x 12 oz clear bagsOur Gummy Red Raspberries Candy are the perfect snack. Each gummy is bursting with fresh raspberry flavor and their bright red...

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    Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins (9 lbs)


    Milk Chocolate Covered Packaged Raisins12 / 12oz Bags per caseOur Milk Chocolate Covered Packaged Raisins are the perfect snack for any occasion! Sweet chewy raisins coated in smooth milk...

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    Pink Wintergreen Lozenges Candy (7.5 lbs)


    Pink Wintergreen Prepackaged Candy (7.5 lbs)12 / 10oz Bags per caseOur Pink Wintergreen Lozenges are the perfect after dinner treat. The classic pink color and refreshing mint flavor makes these...

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    Roasted and Salted Cashews (6 lbs)


    Roasted & Salted Cashews 12 bags @ 8oz each Our Roasted and Salted Whole Cashews are the perfect snack! They are roasted and lightly salted making them a great addition to baked goods, salads,...

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    Spearmint Leaves Bulk Candy (13.5 lbs)


    Case of Sugar Coated Spearmint Leaves Bulk Candy (13.5 lbs)12 bags @ 18 Oz EachOur Sugar Coated Spearmint Leaves are freshingly sweet. Offer them at any large gathering for an after dinner treat...