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Required Documents for Nayax Onboarding

Since Nayax is a payment facilitator that works with different banks we need to comply with banking regulations and receive all the items below to compete the onboarding and KYC process with assistance of our their party verifiers.


Items needed:

1. Completed W-9 for your company

2. Articles of incorporation, partnership agreement, or business certificate.

3. If signing customer representative is not the CEO of the company, then documents proving his/her right to duly represent the customer

4. Government issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport) of signing customer representative

5. Voided check or other bank documentation confirming the full routing number/account number listed on the ACH Agreement (this is where we will deposit weekly sales reimbursement payments)

*Not required and only if relevant, please also attach a Sales and Use Tax Certificate (either a Resale Exemption Certificate, Direct Pay Certificate or other Exemption Certificate)

Please make sure the banking information submitted on the ACH form and voided check/letter match.