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Seaga Vending Machine - How to fit Through a Narrow Doorway

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After your shipment arrives, you'll need to fully inspect and unpackage your vending machine from the shipping skid. As you prepare to move the machine into the building/room where it will reside, you'll need to take a few measurements. The smallest measurement on all Seaga Infinity 5 Series machines is 37-inches and you'll need to use the narrow door instructions below. This guide is for the following models: NIF5C, INF5S, INF5B or any other vending machine that the smallest size measures more than 36-inches.

The 5-wide Infinity models are able to fit through narrow door openings if the machine door is open and the machine is mounted on a dolly. Behind the PUSH door, in the Product Delivery bin, locate the parts pack envelope and remove the keys. Rotate through the open door as shown below:

  1. Unpackage and remove the machine from pallet or skid.
  2. Position the machine near the narrow doorway.
  3. Unlock the machine and swing the door all the way open.
  4. Position the open door through the doorway and move the machine through the door with a clockwise rotation until the entire machine is through the doorway. 
  5. Close and lock the door and move the machine to the final location located near an electrical outlet.