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Spaced Out Mega Treasure Crane (22-inch)

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Expected release date is May 31, 2024

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Spaced Out Mega Treasure Crane (22-inch)


Spaced Out Mega Treasure Crane (22-inch)


Spaced Out Mega Treasure Crane (22-inch)

The Spaced Out Mega Treasure Crane brings an exhilarating cosmic experience right at your fingertips. With its compact design of 60-inches tall and 22-inches wide, it's like having a little corner of the universe wherever you choose to place it. Dressed in riveting space-themed graphics, it is built to perfectly fit even the smallest locations. The machine offers interactive gaming, with options to guarantee a win every time or a test of skill, depending on your preference. Embrace the future with cashless transactions by incorporating a Nayax Touch credit card reader. It's an ideal attraction for family-friendly locations such as restaurants, movie theaters, or your own game room, bringing a touch of outer space to your premises. With advanced features like dual locks, DBA readiness, 2 coin mechanisms, 48V Coil, and much more, it provides not just entertainment but also security. Please note that this is not a toy.

Considering a lift gate? This machine is shipped as freight on a pallet to protect the cosmic-themed glass and other components from damage. If unloading by hand or using a dock or forklift isn't an option for you, a lift gate will be necessary for the trucking carrier to help offload the pallet. The machine weighs approximately 180 lbs.

What size of items should I use in this machine?

  • Scoop Claw (2”- 3” items)
  • Plush Claw (5”- 8” items)
  • Candy Claw (loose small items)

Exclusive Features from

  • Stellar LED Lights and sound with seven color options: Red, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Yellow, Sky Blue, or Purple - customize your own galactic light show.
  • Built with a sturdy wood and metal frame reminiscent of a spacecraft's hull
  • Astronaut-safe Tempered Glass 
  • Standard scoop claw - your personal robotic arm for treasure retrieval
  • Compatible with both 12V and 110 VAC Bill Acceptors (plug and play)
  • LED High Visibility Coin Mechanism - as visible as a star in the night sky
    • Prepared for Credit Card Transactions
    • Remote Cash Reporting via Nayax Touch
  • Adjustable claw strength or programmed to ensure a victory every time - the power of gravity is in your hands
  • Rear prize drop - like meteors descending from the cosmos
  • Dual optical prize detection system - precision that rivals space exploration technology
  • Front service panel for easy access - as convenient as opening a spaceship's hatch
  • Extra Secure Anti-Theft Locking System - safety that rivals a spaceship's security
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty - as dependable as the North Star

Machine Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Height: 60" (152.4 cm), Width: 22" (55.8 cm), Depth: 22" (55.8 cm)
  • Power Usage:
    • Weight: 64.5 kg
    • Standby power: 88.1 W
    • Maximum power: 186.7 W
    • Standby current: 0.7 A
    • Maximum current: 1.439 A
  • Empty Weight: 180 lbs. (81.6 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: Estimated lbs. ( kg)
  • Footprint (floor area space): 484 square in (3.3 square ft; 3114 square cm) = 22" (55.8 cm)W x 22" (55.8 cm)D

Payment systems options: Coins only, Coins and Dollar Bill Acceptor, Dollar Bill Acceptor and Nayax Credit Card reader.

WHAT IS WHITE GLOVE SERVICE? White Glove Service is an upgraded delivery option that includes more personalized service. This typically involves bringing the item not just to your doorstep, but also inside your home or office (ground level only). White Glove Service is ideal for those who require additional assistance or have specific delivery needs that go beyond standard options. The white glove fee is in addition to the standard freight charge. 

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