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Sticky Splat Toy Mix Vending Capsules (2 inch) 250 ct

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Sticky Splat Toy Mix Vending Capsules (2 inch) 250 ct


Sticky Splat Toy Mix Vending Capsules (2 inch) 250 ct


Sticky Splat Toy Mix 2-inch Vending Capsules (250 Count)

Sparkle up your vending machines with these mooshable sticky splat toy squishes! There are a variety of miscellaneous non-sticky toys in the mix among the sticky feet, hands, salamanders and others. 

Product Highlights:

  • Quantity: A generous collection of 250 pre-filled capsules, ready for vending.
  • Unique Design: Featuring delightful colorful mix of truly random figures and sticky items.
  • Easy Dispensing: Perfectly fits machines equipped with a 2-inch capsule vending wheel.
  • Bonus Display Card: Each order comes with a complimentary display card to enhance visual appeal and attract more customers.

Upgrade your vending offerings with this mix of sticky and non-sticky fun, sure to be a hit among all high energy customers!

Also, if you're in search of empty toy capsules, check out our 2" Empty Acorn Capsules available here!

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