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How to Convert a Commercial Gumball or Candy Machine Free Spin

How to Make a Commercial Gumball or Candy Machine Free Spin Mechanism

Please note this a guide is for converting our commercial gumball and candy vending machines to a "free spin" mechanism (doesn't require a coin to dispense). This guide is specifically for Rhino Vending Machines, but the process will be the same for LYPC, Tpico, Titan, and more. 

If you have a Carousel Gumball Machine for home use that you'd like to convert to a "free spin" (doesn't require a coin), please see our guide here:
How to Make Junior Carousel Gumball Machine Free Spin

Rhino Machine Coin Mechanism Free Spin Instructions

  1. Remove the mechanism from the machine - Take the mechanism out of the machine and place the mechanism with the handle side down and the coin drop facing away from you.
  2. Remove the center screw and washers.
  3. Remove the sprocket and set aside.
  4. Remove the handle and set aside.
  5. Remove the washer detector screw, spring and washer detector (you can discard these parts).
  6. Remove the three mounting screws that hold the backplate to the faceplate. This will allow you to lift the entire backplate assembly as one piece.
  7. Remove the backplate (Leave the ratchet and hammer assembly on the backplate).
  8. Remove the coin detector and spring (you can discard these parts).

Now it’s time to start putting the mechanism back together. You can discard the parts removed to make your mechanism a free spin if you have no intention on every requiring a coin.

  1. Make sure your coin wheel is properly aligned.
  2. Position the backplate assembly back over the coin wheel and fasten the three screws previously removed.
  3. Insert the hand from the front of the mechanism. The handle will only fit in one directly and the flat part needs to be facing up.
  4. Put the sprocket back in place.
  5. Fasten the sprocket in place and your mechanism will be fully assembled. Slide your mechanism back in place.