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How to Replace your Broken Globe on your Carousel Gumball Machine

How to Replace a Broken Globe on your Carousel Gumball Machine

Learn how to replace a broken globe for your Carousel Gumball Machine. Since Carousel Machines have a glass globe, the globe can accidentally be broken and you may find yourself needing a new replacement globe. On this page, you'll find a simple set-by-step guide on how to replace your broken globe. This should take less than 5 minutes.

This guide is for the following products:
Carousel Gumball Machines
Replacement Globes 

  1. Make sure you clean your gumball machine and remove ALL broken glass before replacing your broken globe.
  2. Remove the top lock and lid (Junior Carousel and King Carousel will also have a top gasket).
  3. Remove the small nut that holds the spider ring in place.
  4. Place your new globe on top of the bottom gasket (make sure it's seated properly on top of the gasket)
  5. Place your top gasket on top of your globe (skip this step if you're machine is the Petite Carousel).
  6. Place your spider ring on top of the gasket and hand tighten the small nut.
  7. Fill with your favorite candy or gumballs (optional)
  8. Place the lid over the center rod and tighten the lock nut using a coin or screwdriver.