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Cashless Vending Machine Setup with Nayax Credit Card Reader

How and when to Purchase?

You can purchase the HOTWORX Vending Machine online at the link below or by calling 800-853-3941 - Please submit your order at least 8-weeks prior to expected delivery date. Our machine is for studios for 8 or more Sunas. If you're not sure which machine to order, please click here

HOTWORX Machine with Touch Mobile Credit Card Reader - [LINK]

Getting Started with Nayax

To setup your merchant account for your the credit card reader on your HOTWORX Vending Machine, you will need to complete the Nayax onboarding procedure.  Here are the steps to get started:

  1. You'll need the serial number for the credit card reader on your vending machine ( will send this to you).
  2. Complete the following onboarding form [ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE] 

 NOTE: Submitting this form does not complete the setup of your merchant account with Nayax. Your merchant account is fully setup after you submit all requested documents, sign your merchant agreement with Nayax, and have online access to your account. IT CAN TAKE UP TO 3-WEEKS TO GET YOUR MERCHANT ACCOUNT FULLY ACTIVATED.  Start this process immediately upon receiving the serial number from

 Schedule your Vending Machine Delivery

Make sure you use the Vending Machine Scheduler [LINK] to schedule your vending machine delivery. If you're not sure on your exact opening date, please schedule with your best estimate so we can plan production accordingly. We will confirm that you're ready to receive your machine prior to shipment.


Loading of required items



Set the Pricing and Temperature on your machine


Do not use prepopulated product maps as most are incomplete and are not accurate. Please setup your product map from scratch using the following videos. 

Product Map STEP 1

Confirm that your settings are correct on your Nayax Dashboard and then do a test vend with an actual credit card on selection 39, which should be your locker key rental.

Product Map STEP 2

After you successfully do a test vend on your locker key rental (selection 39), rename the Locker Key rental on your product map.


Out of Service Message

If you're seeing an Out of Service message on your vending machine, please see the video below:

Daily Reporting 

 After you've completed your product map (at a minimum you'll need to set the product group for the Locker Rental), you'll be able to access your daily summary reporting here: 


Verify that your Nayax reader is ready for LIVE transactions

  1. Adjust the antenna if needed or if your device has a poor signal strength. To adjust your antenna, simply open the door and move the antenna coming off the back side of the credit card reader. The antenna has a cord long enough to place outside the machine if needed. The antenna is magnetic and can be easily moved and placed anywhere on the machine. NOTE: If your device says CASH ONLY, please call Nayax Phone Support at the @ (410) 666-3800
  2. Verify that your default vend amount is set to $35.00 (3500) - See Video Below: