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HOTWORX Machine with Touch Mobile Credit Card Reader

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HOTWORX Machine with Touch Mobile Credit Card Reader


HOTWORX Machine with Touch Mobile Credit Card Reader


HOTWORX Machine with Touch Mobile Credit Card Reader
Updated ADA Compliant Infinity Series

The HOTWORX Machine with Touch Mobile Credit Card Reader 5-Wide Refrigerated Snack and Drink Combination Vending machine holds a total of 375 snacks and drinks. ADA compliant, it features a Braille equipped keypad as well as a large, easy-to read 2-line, 20 character VFD display which is easy to program. Dual spirals are standard in two trays and the over-sized push door allows the INF5C to assist in vending bottles, cans, and any other kinds of refrigerated foods. This machine includes anti-theft precaution, a vend detection system, and a sturdy all steel design to ensure it will last many years.


Nayax Touch Credit Card Reader with Mobile Payments

Required documents for Nayax Onboarding [CLICK HERE]

Machine Features:

  • Braille equipped telephone type keypad
  • Easy-to-read 2-line 20 character VFD
  • Electronic controller with LED display
  • Brilliant LED lighting lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Sturdy, hard-wearing all steel design
  • Durable rust proof powder coat finish
  • Energy-efficient heated door for reduced condensation
  • Custom pricing from $0 to $99.95
  • Payment System: CASHLESS
  • MDB capable, DEX ports available
  • Great customer interaction including jackpot giveaway settings and value meals or meal deal settings
  • Equipped with vend detection system that re-credits or refunds if no product
  • Vends candy, chips, pastries, snacks, and drinks
  • Large push door for over-sized products
  • High security reinforced cabinet and door
  • Locking cash box
  • T-Handle Locks provide maximum security
  • The simplest machines to service in the industry
    • Display completely programmable
    • Easily removable refrigeration deck
    • Instant display of audit totals when front door is opened
    • Minimum SKU numbers for easy parts inventory
    • All metal adjustable product trays tilted thirty degrees for simplified servicing
    • Removable trays with first in/first out (FIFO) product loading capability
    • Over-sized product bin for larger products
    • Dual spirals standard in two trays
  • Convertible shelving
  • Dual coils are standard
  • Health and safety features
  • 1-year manufacturer's parts warranty

Machine Specifications:

  • Height: 72" (182.8 cm)
  • Width: 39" (99 cm)
  • Depth: 37" (93.9 cm)
  • Capacities:
    • Selections: 36
    • Capacity: 375 items
      • snacks: 279 
      • drinks: 96 
  • Empty Weight: 721 lbs  (327 kg)
  • Power: 115V AC 60HZ, 12 amps
  • Shipping Weight: estimated lbs. ( kg)
  • Footprint (floor area space): 1443 square in (10 square ft; 0.92 square m) = 39" (99 cm)W x 37" (93.9 cm)D


  • WHAT IS WHITE GLOVE SERVICE? White Glove Service is an upgraded delivery option that includes more personalized service. This typically involves bringing the item not just to your doorstep, but also inside your home or office. White Glove Service is ideal for those who require additional assistance or have specific delivery needs that go beyond standard options. The white glove fee is in addtion to the standard freight charge. 
  • vending machine

    Posted by Emily Barney on Jul 03, 2022

    the push door is bubbles, the cover is not smooth in some areas.

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