Soft Chew Gumballs, Egg Bubble Gum, Sugar Free Gumballs and more. Chewing gum in specialty designs and sizes.
Reference the gumball size and count chart below to determine the size of gumballs you need for your vending machine(s) and gumball bank(s):Gumball Size Reference Chart
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Hockey Puck Shaped Gum
Case of 4300 pcs.
Hockey Puck shaped gum
Solid Color Assorted - 600 count Gumballs
(1 review)
Case of 600 Count 1-3/16" (30.2 mm) Assorted Gumba...
Sugar Free Gumballs
(1 review)
Sugar Free Gumballs Assorted Color Chewing Gum, ap...
Thunderbolts Sour Candy Center Gumballs
(1 review)
Case of 850 Vending Machine Gumballs
Seedlings Candy Filled Gumballs - 850 ct.
(1 review)
850 ct. 1" (24.6 mm) Dubble Bubble Seedlings Gumba...
Dubble Bubble Mega Mouth Candy Filled 2" Gumballs - 138 ct.
(1 review)
138 ct. 2" (50.8 mm) Mega Mouth Candy Filled Giant...
Medium Mouth Mess Bubble Gum Eggs - 300 ct.
Case of 300 Medium Mouth Mess Bubble Gum Eggs with...
Giant Dino Filled Bubble Gum Eggs - 130 ct.
Case of 130 Giant Dino Filled Bubble Gum Eggs
Emoji Bobble Heads with Gumballs - 12 ct
Emoji Bobble Heads with Gumballs - 12 ct
Emoji Gumballs Refill Bag (16 oz)
Emoji Gumballs - 16 oz. Bag

Welcome to our amazing gumball world! At we stock 100’s of different flavors of gumballs in all shapes and sizes at wholesale prices. We have gumballs galore -- including small gumballs, standard 1-inch gumballs, GIANT gumballs, gumball in any color and even gumballs by the pound! All our gumballs are super fresh and come with a satisfaction guarantee and a low price guarantee!

At, we have a full line of decorator gumballs at wholesale prices that come in just about any color to match your next wedding, party, or event. Our decorator gumballs generally have a nice glossy finish and are solid color without any printing on the gumball. We also offer a full line of shimmer gumballs that are specifically made for decorating or your next candy buffet!

Q: Where can I buy gumballs in different sizes?

A: At, you can browse all of our gumballs by size. Just go to our Gumballs by Size section and see all of our many different sizes of gumballs!

Q: Do you only sell gumballs in bulk?

A: No, we offer many gumballs in packages as low as 12 oz. If you’re looking for a smaller quantity of gumballs, please see our small gumball refills for home use and our gumballs by the pound sections.

Q: What is the best flavor of gumballs?

Now that is up for a very strong debate in our office along with “do penguins have knees?” and do “Folgers workers take coffee breaks?” and the answer yes, we take gumball breaks and try every flavor. Some of our favorites are Strawberry Banana Gumballs (delicious), Blueberry Smoothie Gumballs (awesome), Grape Gumballs (Super soft chew), Hot Chew Gumballs -- Think Fireball (winner!!) sugar-free gumballls, ice cream sundae gumballs, kicked up lemonade gumballs,  half and half gumballs, cotton candy gumballs, wicked watermelon gumballs and the list goes on!