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Sqwishland Vending Machine Packages

  • Tubz Surprise Toy Capsule Tower


    Tubz Surprise Toy Capsule Tower Vending MachinesFeaturing surprise toy capsules! Tubz Surprise Toy Capsule Tower Vending Machine featuring the first ever Surprise Toy Capsules! Each 2-inch round capsule is individually shrink wrapped in a...

  • Tubz Candy Capsule Tower Vending Machine


    Tubz Candy Capsule Tower Vending MachineFeaturing the selling Dubble Bubble Candy made by Concord Confections in a Pre-Packaged Capsule. That's right, vending candy inside a capsule!The Tubz Candy Capsule Machine is combined with the first ever...

  • Tubz Sqwishland Surprise Capsule Toy Tower


    Tubz Sqwishland Surprise Capsule Toy Tower Vending MachineFeaturing the new Sqwishland Surprise Capsules!The Tubz Toy Tower Vending Machine is the USA with the best selling Sqwishland Surprise Capsules! The new 2 inch Sqwishland Surprise...

Our Sqwishland Vending Machine Packages include a Vending Machine, Sqwishland Vending Capsules, and Display cards all for one discounted price. Each Sqwishland Package combines one of our best selling Toy Vending Machines with the hottest Sqwishland Toy Capsules in history! See each individual product record for details on what Sqwishland Vending Capsules are included. In 2018, Tubz Brands Ltd. secured the distribution rights for Sqwisland Toy Capsules in Europe and Australia to be dispensed in their popular Tubz Tower Machines. Tubz Towers are known across Europe and the UK for their unique way of dispensing candy using sealed tubs of candy and snacks!

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