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Buy Big Berry Breaker Jawbreakers!

Apr 06, 2015

Buy Big Berry Breaker Jawbreakers!
Big Berry Breaker Jawbreakers

Big Berry Breaker Jawbreakers – Click Here to Buy!

Big Berry Breaker Jawbreakers

Looking for something fun for your next party? These berry flavored jawbreakers will be a HUGE hit. They are about 2 ¼” in diameter and have a bubble gum center. The flavors, Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry, and Huckleberry are great and long lasting.  They can also be vended in one of our 2” capsule machines.

Made by Oak Leaf, these bulk vending jawbreakers are OU Kosher Certified and there are 85 to a case. These jawbreakers typically vend for 50 to 75 cents in our commercial vending machines that have a toy capsule dispensing wheel. Jawbreakers store best in a cool, dry, low humidity location. Their shelf life can be up to 18 months if not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.