Vending Pro Machine Double-Head - Click Here To Buy

Vending Pro Machine Double-Head - Click Here To Buy

We have a few tips below to help your bulk candy vending machine business be more profitable for you.

1.  Two of the easiest ways to boost sales is by cleaning your  vending machines each time you service them and by changing the product mix of your bulk candy and check it regularly to see how it is doing.

2.  Moving your vending machine to a different spot in the same location is another method to use before relocating it to a new location if your vending machine is underperforming in the location it is in.

3.  You can keep bulk candies like Hot Tamales or Mike and Ikes from sticking together by using non-stick spray on the candy.

4.   Keep your vending machine out of direct sunlight as it will damage the candy quickly and make it no good for customers.

5.  Never let your vending machines go empty or have a prolonged amount of time with an out of order sign on the vending machine so make sure to service them because staying organized and planning ahead will help you service your vending machines more quickly.

6.  When servicing your vending machines, get a gym bag or travel bag to put tools, petroleum jelly, and candy into so as not to draw attention to yourself.

7.  If you are going to go on a vacation make sure you service your vending machines before you leave or train someone else to do it for you while you are away so can continue to make money while you are vacationing!