Willy Worms Vending Capsules

Willy Worms Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

When I was growing up my grandpa used to play with these little puppet type things to make us laugh. He had the Mickey Mouse and Pluto puppet that you would push the button on the bottom to make it dance. He also had this fuzzy worm on a string. He could get that thing to do anything he wanted. He would ask the worm if it liked me and I he would get it to shake its head yes. We used to laugh so hard at that silly toy.

Candymachines.com now has something really similar to it. It’s called the Willy Worm . It comes in a 2” capsule for bulk vending machines . The worm also has a QR code on the display card of the vending machine so that you can go to a website where it will teach you how to do tricks with your Willy Worm. How cool is that? I can learn how to make that worm dance and say yes and no just like my grandpa did for me with my kids now! I think I may get a whole box and start handing them out to everyone and passing along the family tradition.