Single Stand SuperPro Toy Vendor Machine

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Vending Machines for your Dental office

We have a lot of customers here at that are dentists and pediatricians. They like to give their young patients toys and stickers for doing so well during the visit. We as parents know that while this is a fun practice for our little ones it can also be time consuming on the office staff while the kids dig through the treasure box to find the prize they want. Not anymore!
Many offices have taken to getting toy vending machines that will accept tokens. They place the toys in the machines as if it were a machine that your kids are used to seeing at the stores however after the check-up the Doctor or the Nurse will give the child a token. They then get to go to the machine and use their token. The kid gets a toy directly from the machine. This frees up the office staff, the parents, and the doctors.

This is a great way to keep your patients motivated as well as keep costs down. The only person who gets a toy is the person getting the token. Ready for more information? Contact the sales team at and they can help you out.