Pet Friends Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

Pet Friends Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

Popular Pencil Toppers with So Many Names –

Rare Sqwishland Squishies are the most popular vending capsules we have at  Kids first started collecting these because of all the fun, colorful, rare sqwishland zoo animals they could get.  Now kids keep collecting, hoping to find the rare sqwishies.  There are only 20-25 rare squishes in a bulk package of approximately 245.  It’s no wonder why these rare squishland zoo vending capsules are selling out so quickly.

Teachers have loved being able to purchase these rare squishy pencil toppers for their students.  Some have even encouraged there students, using rare squishland pencil toppers as rewards!  Great idea, don’t you think?  Parents can even do the same thing and reward their child for the things they do.

Rare Sqwishyland squishies have many different names, but they are still the same hot selling, rare sqwishy pencil toppers that kids love.  Make sure you put your order in for rare squishyland vending capsules today.

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